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Helpful Hints for Entry

These helpful hints are intended to provide assistance to those entering ISEA exhibitions.

All ISEA exhibitions are entered via CaFÉ™ 

ISEA has two types of exhibitions:

Invitational Exhibitions - open only to members with the use of an "Invitational Code" to enter

Making Our Marks (All members accepted. juried only for awards)

Utterly Unfathomable and Powerfully Profound (Member exhibit, juried for acceptance and awards).

INNOVATIONS - Annual Juried Exhibition open to members and the public.

We have separated the Tips that apply to member only shows from tips that may help applicants to any of our exhibitions.

Tips for Invitational Exhibitions

How to Enter an Invitational Exhibition

Watch a video on our International Society of Experimental Artists YouTube Channel where our President, Patti Sevensma, shows screen shots from CaFÉ while she explains logging into YouTube, where to upload your image, and how to search for the invitational exhibition using the Invitational Code.

Entering ISEA Invitational Exhibits

General Tips for All Exhibitions

Writing Your Description on Why Your Piece is Experimental to You

ISEA Member, Renee Kahn, provides helpful tips on who reads your statement, what they want to know about your experimental piece, and provides a few examples of some submissions with short, succinct explanations that are effective.

These statements are used to further ISEA aims of educating the public about the nature of experimental art, and enhancing how experimental artists are valued in their communities. As a reminder, there is a 1000 character count for these statements. Characters are each letter, number, punctuation, and space in your statement. Strive for 3 to 4 sentences. 

“What makes this piece experimental for you?” 

Ever wonder what jurors look for when jurying an exhibition?

In this short video ISEA Member, Mark Mehaffy, discusses his criteria when jurying an exhibition. He describes three criteria and the relative importance of each.  He then goes on to discuss what to enter when an exhibition allows more than one entry. His recommendations may change the way you approach your submissions. 

This video is an excerpt from an ART INNOVATION TALK, An Interview with Mark Mehaffey. Mark is interviewed by Liz Walker, AIT committee member. You can see the full talk on our AIT page.


Where to find the size of your artwork image on a phone or computer

How to upload your images to your Café Profile

How to enter an exhibit on Café


Photographing your 3D Art with an iPhone/Smartphone by aftrART

How to Photograph Art With Your Phone by Paul Richmond

How To Photograph Your Art with a camera by Satchi Art




  • File Type: JPEG or JPG only.
  • File Dimensions: 1,200 pixels or greater on the longest side.
  • File Size: Under 5 MB.
  • Color Profile: sRGB
  • For 3D work enter two views of your piece or best view plus a video


      • File Type: MOV, MP4, WMV, 3GP, AVI, ASF, MPG, M2T, MKV, M2TS.
      • File Size: under 100 MB.
      • Resolution: minimum 640 x 480, maximum 1920 x 1080
      • Aspect Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9
      • Bit Rate: recommended above 240 kbps
      • Frame rate: minimum 12 fps, recommended 30 fps
      • If your video is publicly available online, you can enter the URL to embed the video in your portfolio.
      • Supported URLs: YouTube, Vimeo
      • Note: Ensure the linked video is set to be shared publicly. Your video will not play if it is set to private.


The customer service staff at CaFE' is always available.

If you are in need of help setting up your profile and wish to connect with an ISEA person, please contact June Galaz or Steve Purtee at


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