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Art Innovation Talks

In 2021, ISEA launched an exciting new educational program: Art Innovation Talks (AITs).

AITs are live, 45-minute Zoom presentations with a 15-minute Q&A. Sessions are offered twice a year.

Our vision for this program is to enhance our members’ creative journeys and provide the opportunity to share their expertise with the ISEA community. With approximately 500 members internationally, we hope to cover an exciting range of topics and hear many artistic voices sharing innovative, creative ideas and experiences.

Watch for the ISEA newsletter for upcoming AITs. Shortly before each presentation, ISEA members will receive an email invitation

to participate in the live AIT presentation on Zoom. The invitation will contain the topic, presenter name and zoom link. Participating in the live sessions is for members only and is the most enriching way for you to benefit from an AIT.

The sessions are also recorded, and made available later to the public on ISEA’s YouTube channel, so feel free to share the link with others!

AITs are by members, for members! If there is a topic that intrigues you, an art medium you’d like to know more about, studio practices you’d like to share, an ISEA member whose work or knowledge you think would stimulate creativity, or if you would like to present a topic of your own, we`d like to hear from you!

Contact the AIT Committee at

“Doris Charest - Utilizing Elements from Your Environment”

November 2, 2023

In Doris's Talk "Utilizing Elements from Your Environment" she talks about making an art series. She reviews her process and inspirations and discusses tips to allow you to do the same to find your next series. We also get to enjoy a look of several of her current nest series. Listen to what nest means to her and her goals with this series. A fascinating talk for all artists and art lovers. Learn more about Doris Charest at She has online courses on the and sites.

“An Interview with Mark Mehaffey”

May 11, 2023

In this ART INNOVATION TALK, Mark Mehaffey, ISEA member and distinguished past juror, delivered a free-flowing question and answer session, interviewed by AIT committee member, Liz Walker.  Along with the Q&A, Mark did some demonstrations of his techniques.  He also spoke to the qualities he looks for when jurying.

Lisa Boardwine - “Basics & Beyond - creating intuitive paintings in oils & cold wax”

February 2, 2023

ART INNOVATION TALKS with artist Lisa Boardwine, February 2, 2023. Lisa gives an informative presentation about the Basics, such as materials and tools, and a demonstration of painting in Oil/Cold Wax Medium. 

You can find her supply list at Lisa's Amazon store. 

After watching this you may be interested in Lisa's On Demand Training, available through her website

Kimberly Kelly Santini - A Love Story - Color, Line, Intuition and Play

November 3, 2022

Kimberly Santini gives an inspiring presentation on her painting process, focusing on the evolution of her latest Talisman series. She shares her methods of tapping into her intuition, following coincidental guides (“winks”), taking risks and freely experimenting when creating her artwork. Kimberly includes a video of her painting process so viewers can see how paintings evolve and shift during their time on her easel.

Learn more about Kimberly's workshops listed on her website

Allen Hirsh PhD - Mathematical Art: A New Approach

August 4, 2022

Allen Hirsh delivered a presentation on generative art as a form of robotic painting wherein a set of computer instructions constructs a digital image.  Allen explains how the system he created for making contemporary generative art uses one or two existing digital images (if two, they are hybridized) to generate a third image.  Using a number of examples, Allen shows both the original and the adjusted photos using his system.

Liz Walker - Under the Influence(s) of…(Creating and Recognizing Your Best Work)

April 28, 2022

Liz’s presentation emphasizes the importance of embracing one’s artistic influences - past and present - and shows how doing so can improve your own artistic growth. She will highlight some of the practices and habits that catapulted her work to greater heights, garnering her recognition among jurors as well as her peers. 

April Rimpo, Elaine Weiner-Reed, Patti Ross

Interdisciplinary Creative Collaboration – Where Art Takes Flight

February 3, 2022

Visual artists Elaine Weiner-Reed and April M Rimpo love to hear what others remember, see, hear, or feel about their art. Their ekphrastic events feature poets and musicians expressing their interpretations of the visual artists' paintings.

Recent collaborator Patti Ross, a spoken word artist, joins Elaine and April in this talk sharing how their creative collaboration Every Painting is a Song or Story got started. They will detail their experiences creating these events, and provide tips on what to consider if you want to hold your own cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Renee Kahn - Transforming Emotions into Art

November 4, 2021 

What happens in the Artist’s mind when they are not painting something they see, such as a still life, a model, or a landscape? What if you are painting what you see only in your mind’s eye? How do you go about expressing your feelings in a painting?

TEDx Talk Coach, Dr Sewell Kahn on Memorable TED Talks

October 26, 2021

ART INNOVATION TALKS with Dr. Sewell Kahn, co-leader of TEDx Charleston's speaker coach team, shares his expertise on how to give a compelling and memorable TED talk style presentation.

Jenni Bateman - Creativity Sharpens Creativity

August 4, 2021

This presentation offers a look into the rearview mirror of my studio practices, while illustrating the delicate nuances of silk painting and finding my way through risk-taking and innovative solutions.


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