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Online Exhibitions

One of the many benefits of membership, ISEA holds multiple online exhibitions that recognize the excellence of our members’ work through our website.  Juried and non-juried, these online exhibitions are included on the ISEA exhibition site permanently, and included works shared via our social media.   

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Unravelling the New Season by Johanna Morrell - First Place - Making Our Marks
State of the Nation by Tara Choate - Fourth Place - Making Our Marks
Breaking Light by Kathleen Conover - Third Place - Making Our Marks
Valley Patterns by Ingrid Albrecht - Juror Award - Making Our Marks
Mountain Building by Patricia Tieman - Juror Award - Making Our Marks
Just the Right Amount of Wrong by Jinnie May - Second Place - Making Our Marks
Division by Cynthia DiDonato - First Place Award - Utterly Unfathomable & Powerfully Profound
A Social Distance by Carolyn Epperly - Second Place - Utterly Unfathomable & Powerfully Profound
The Conversation by K. W. Bell - Third Place - Utterly Unfathomable & Powerfully Profound
The Escape by Kimberly Grace Gill - Fourth Place - Utterly Unfathomable & Powerfully Profound
Indomitable/Vulnerable by Kathy OMeara - Juror Award - Utterly Unfathomable & Powerfully Profound

Annual Symposium

The 2022 symposium was held at St. Albert, Alberta Canada  September 1 to 5, 2022. It was ISEA's first time outside the USA and a great success. We look forward to seeing you all at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod for our next symposium - September 18 - 22, 2023!

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Every year, ISEA offers experimental artists from around the world the opportunity to enter our annual exhibition. INNOVATIONS 2022 opened on August 18th! The exhibition was hanging in the 2022 gallery partner's space, the Art Gallery of St. Albert in Alberta, Canada.

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Blink by Jean Pederson - Best of Show - INNOVATIONS 2022
Garden Treasures A by Doris Charest - Second Place - INNOVATIONS 2022
Joe F. by Outside-the-Line Collective - Third Place - INNOVATIONS 2022
Lives Interwoven by Ed Labadie - Fourth Place - INNOVATIONS 2022
Reappearance Series 38 by Paul Gravett - Juror Award - INNOVATIONS 2022
Cast Off, Stitch On by Pam Baergen & Rick Rogers - ISAP Award - INNOVATIONS 2022


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