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March 1st - September 20, 2015

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Updated on: 20 Aug 2016
  • Silvia Frazier Thornton, NWS
    Silvia Frazier Thornton, NWS
  • Sally H. Lambrecht
    Sally H. Lambrecht
  • Roslyn Rose ISEA-NF
    Roslyn Rose ISEA-NF
  • Myrna Anderson
    Myrna Anderson
  • Cherie Correll
    Cherie Correll
  • Linda C. Dumas
    Linda C. Dumas
  • Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass
    Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass
  • Barbara Leites
    Barbara Leites
  • Carol Staub
    Carol Staub

Yvonne Andrews - Jane Ewing

  • Yvonne Alderman
    Yvonne Alderman
  • Ron Andrews ISEA
    Ron Andrews ISEA
  • Susan Ashley
    Susan Ashley
  • Denjse Athanas ISEA-NF, AWS, NWS
    Denjse Athanas ISEA-NF, AWS, NWS
  • Marilyn Bachelor
    Marilyn Bachelor
  • Dave Baldwin
    Dave Baldwin
  • Nancy Topping Bazin
    Nancy Topping Bazin
  • Elise Meredith Beattie
    Elise Meredith Beattie
  • Robin Beckwith
    Robin Beckwith
  • Johannes Bjorner
    Johannes Bjorner
  • Carole Bleistein
    Carole Bleistein
  • B. Bley
    B. Bley
  • Karen Borden
    Karen Borden
  • Karen Fletcher Braverman
    Karen Fletcher Braverman
  • Lynda Burch
    Lynda Burch
  • frances bebe burns
    frances bebe burns
  • Deborah Butler
    Deborah Butler
  • Beth Bynum
    Beth Bynum
  • Linda A. Cowles
    Linda A. Cowles
  • Cynthia DiDonato
    Cynthia DiDonato
  • Carolyn Dubuque
    Carolyn Dubuque
  • Marilyn Eitzen Jones
    Marilyn Eitzen Jones
  • Sharon M. Eley
    Sharon M. Eley
  • Kathy Elliott
    Kathy Elliott
  • Eva Ellis
    Eva Ellis
  • Peppi Elona
    Peppi Elona
  • Carolyn Epperly
    Carolyn Epperly
  • Jane Ewing
    Jane Ewing

Helga Flower - Vickie Myers

  • Helga Flower
    Helga Flower
  • Airi Huoponen Foote
    Airi Huoponen Foote
  • Lee Ann Frame
    Lee Ann Frame
  • Jane Winders Frank
    Jane Winders Frank
  • David A Franke
    David A Franke
  • Nina Allen Freeman
    Nina Allen Freeman
  • Donna Frost
    Donna Frost
  • June Galaz
    June Galaz
  • Kimberly Grace Gill
    Kimberly Grace Gill
  • Vivian Nan
    Vivian Nan
  • Susan Greenbaum
    Susan Greenbaum
  • Ann Smiga Greene
    Ann Smiga Greene
  • Susan Hart
    Susan Hart
  • Donna Head
    Donna Head
  • Allan Hill
    Allan Hill
  • Deena Hodson
    Deena Hodson
  • Terry Honstead
    Terry Honstead
  • Carol Hunsaker
    Carol Hunsaker
  • Marty Husted
    Marty Husted
  • Karen J Jilbert
    Karen J Jilbert
  • Barb Johnson
    Barb Johnson
  • Susan Kacik
    Susan Kacik
  • Jody Karr ISEA
    Jody Karr ISEA
  • Teresa Kirk
    Teresa Kirk
  • Toby Klein
    Toby Klein
  • Jessica T. Kovan
    Jessica T. Kovan
  • Whitney Lassini
    Whitney Lassini
  • Carol Laurn
    Carol Laurn
  • Candace Law
    Candace Law
  • Marilyn LeMay Patterson
    Marilyn LeMay Patterson
  • Jorge Leon
    Jorge Leon
  • Mary-Lou MacDonald
    Mary-Lou MacDonald
  • Monita Mahoney
    Monita Mahoney
  • Barbara March
    Barbara March
  • Sue Marrazzo, ISAP, NCS
    Sue Marrazzo, ISAP, NCS
  • Sandra Marson
    Sandra Marson
  • Jude Martindale
    Jude Martindale
  • Kay Masini, ISEA
    Kay Masini, ISEA
  • maxine masterfield, founder
    maxine masterfield, founder
  • Sidonie Merkel Roepke
    Sidonie Merkel Roepke
  • Karen Miller
    Karen Miller
  • Kathleen Mooney
    Kathleen Mooney
  • Lillie Morris
    Lillie Morris
  • Vickie Myers
    Vickie Myers

Shirley Nachtrieb - Beverly Yankwitt

  • Shirley Nachtrieb
    Shirley Nachtrieb
  • Sandra Neary
    Sandra Neary
  • Carol Nelson
    Carol Nelson
  • Kathy O'Meara
    Kathy O'Meara
  • Lolly Owens
    Lolly Owens
  • Joan Painter-Jones
    Joan Painter-Jones
  • Bea Pappas
    Bea Pappas
  • Cynthia Phillips-Sabla
    Cynthia Phillips-Sabla
  • Patty Pickles
    Patty Pickles
  • Paula Pillow
    Paula Pillow
  • Merle Plagge
    Merle Plagge
  • Dawn Quinones
    Dawn Quinones
  • B. Ragalyi
    B. Ragalyi
  • Terri Rea
    Terri Rea
  • April M Rimpo
    April M Rimpo
  • Janet Hull Ruffin
    Janet Hull Ruffin
  • Elizabeth Sanford
    Elizabeth Sanford
  • Carol Schinkel
    Carol Schinkel
  • Diane Schmidt, ISEA, AWS, NWS
    Diane Schmidt, ISEA, AWS, NWS
  • carol brauer schmidt
    carol brauer schmidt
  • Bobbie Shafton-Davison
    Bobbie Shafton-Davison
  • Alan Stecker
    Alan Stecker
  • Charlie Stewart
    Charlie Stewart
  • Hazel Stone, ISEA
    Hazel Stone, ISEA
  • Julie Strabel ISEA
    Julie Strabel ISEA
  • Fredi Taddeucci
    Fredi Taddeucci
  • Maxine Tatreau ISEA,Life Time Member
    Maxine Tatreau ISEA,Life Time Member
  • Dr. T. D. Thompson
    Dr. T. D. Thompson
  • Gwen Tooth
    Gwen Tooth
  • Michele Touchette
    Michele Touchette
  • Liz Walker
    Liz Walker
  • Carolyn WarmSun
    Carolyn WarmSun
  • Chris Warot
    Chris Warot
  • Maribeth Weadock
    Maribeth Weadock
  • Laurel Weathersbee
    Laurel Weathersbee
  • Lynn Welker
    Lynn Welker
  • Beverly Yankwitt
    Beverly Yankwitt

2015 Member Exhibit Jurors

Mary Ann Beckwith

I am always honored to judge an art show but it is a pleasure to see the work developed and explored by this creative group, ISEA. As expected, it is a challenge to select awards and the wide range of media and subjects made it even more difficult.

Keep making this fine and creative work. It is a joy to see the range and variety. Congratulations.

Mark Mehaffey

An honor to be asked to jury, a huge responsibility and wonderfully interesting. Many works screamed “look at me” and many whispered softly, “look at me’. All were given due consideration. Those who were awarded brought me back again and again. Congratulations to all.

Patti Sevensma, ISEA President

Our first ISEA Member Only Virtual Exhibit and you artists did not disappoint. It was like opening a present but instead of one there were many. Thank you for your talent and also your support of the new concept for our ISEA family. It was a pleasure to be one of the jurors for this exhibit and it was difficult to choose nine awards from the amazing pieces submitted. Thank you for entering. Congratulations to our award winners.

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