3rd Annual Digital Member Exhibit

Stewart to Yankwitt

Refreshing Charades by Anita Stewart

Journey Floreana Island by Sandy Stratil

Intertwined by Audrey Suer

Lunar Madness by James Swarthout

Imaginings by Joan Tarbell

Fall Harvest by Deb Vought

Washed Ashore by Anne Walker

Diving In by Liz Walker

Hushed by Carolyn WarmSun

On The Way To Bigger Things by Chris Warot

Portals & Doorways by Carol Watson

Ascending by Barbara Weisenburg

Secret Cove by Lynn Welker

Nests of Spring by Brenda Wenberg

Who's There by Helen Wheatley

Personal Practice by Eve Withrow

Atlantis by Sherida Wysocki

Yellow Bird by Nita Yancy

Devolution by Beverly Yankwitt

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