3rd Annual Digital Member Exhibit

Jourdan to Myers

On Trax by Robin Jourdan

Wisdom by Jody Karr

Stonemason's Dream by Mary Keefer

Mixed Media Collage by Mary Kosh

The Dancer by Teresa Kirk

Simplicity by Joan Klutch

Love Not Hate by Jessica Kovan

Tumbling by Karen Kreamer

Ancient Endless Knot #6 by Robbie Laird

Pilgrim by Candance Law

My Heart is Red by Louise Legault

Bristol by Anya Leveille

Angel of Mine by Mary-Lou MacDonald

Fantasy by Valerie Mafdali

Strawberry Moon by Sandra March

Blue Beyond the Sea by Sue Marrazzo

Clouds by Sandra Marson

Wall Street by Judy Martindale

Ode to the Sun by MaryJane Martin

The Other Woman by Katalene Masella

Did You See by Kay Masini

The Muse by Andrea Mastrangelo

Tale of Two Cities by Tommy McDonnel

Footloose by Marge McKean

Take PC#39 by Robert Lee Mejer

Saint Peter by Brian Meuser

Fandango by Renee Micaud

Awareness by Susan Miller

Celestial Carnival by Joan Miron

Between the Lines by Janet Mishner

Blueberries and Apricot by Kathleen Mooney

Kelpy Seahorse Newport AP by Madga Moor

When the Man in the Moon Comes Down to Earth by Mary Jane Morris

Gone But Not Forgotten by Kendra Postma

Lit Ballet by Kevin Myers

Yum by Vicki Myers

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