3rd Annual Digital Member Exhibit

Dorrill to Joppich

Traveling Orbs by Jane Dorrill

We Can by Carolyn Dubuque

Fall Fire by Linda C Dumas

Bird in Flight by John Dunn

Spheres by Wilson Duran

Ready by Dyer

Medallion by Marylu Dykstra

Chain Reaction by Howard Eberle

On Edge by Sharon Eisman

Shellscape by Marilyn Eitzen-Jones

Connected by Kathy Elliot

Possibilities by Eva Ellis

Partitions by Donna Engstrom

Butterfly Song by Shirley Erskine

Carnivale by Colleen Ferratier

Gal Mech VIII by Jan Filarski

Miss T by Helga Flower

Denizens by Airi Foote

Evolving by Jane Frank

Yellow Celebration by DD Frost

Helgoe by June Galaz

Lady Walking by Robert Gardner

Nourish the Soul by Marianne Glick

Fly Away by Ann Greene

I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy by Denish Greer

Argent Allusive Botanic by Marlene Gremillion

Hallowed Ground 3 Tags by Mary Higuchi

52nd St Jazz the Royal Roost by Alan Hill

#1 Ver Klimpt by Karen Hodges

Tranquility by Laura Hopper

Moving On by Marty Husted

Eight by James John

Pages by Betty Jameson

Deconstructed Garden 1 by Sue Jenson

Silk Road by Michael Jerista

On Trax by Edde Joppich

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