26th Annual Experimental Art Symposium

October 23-29, 2017

Sanibel, Florida

Symposium Workshops

Annie Morgan

Mix it Up! Workshop

October 24-25, 2017

9 to 4 pm

Brief Outline of Workshop

Join Annie Morgan for a fun-filled two day workshop focused on experimenting with "poured" acrylic skins.
You will learn how to pour acrylic skins to create transparent sheets that can be layered and collaged into your paintings.
Annie will demonstrate transfer techniques, faux encaustic, and the use of glazing and patina to create dimension and unify your work. Annie's workshops create an atmosphere where exciting alternative strategies are explored.
Come prepared to be surprised! 

9 am to 4 pm  ANNIE MORGAN WORKSHOP at BIGARTS studio

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Lunch delivered

Limited to 16 students

Cost: $300 Member, $350 Non-Member

**Please be aware that this workshop may coincide with other activities.

Eydi Lampasona

Abstract Painting/Modern Art

October 28-29, 2017


Brief Outline of Workshop

This two-day workshop will explore your creative self and open your mind to the possibilities of working with new methods, painting intuitively and allowing chance to create a breakthrough. Beginning with quick, specific exercises and garnishing new approaches, students will come away with losing their “fear” of painting in an abstract manner.

  • Whether your style is loud and energizing or calm and relaxed, learn to develop a trust in following your own intuitive urges, taking risks to create powerfully satisfying creations. We will engage emotions, intellect and our eye to bring forth personal visions. This will be a fast paced workshop with exercises to help up start creative ideas. This workshop is for the active painter who doesn’t hold back.

Original artistic endeavors are encouraged, in a light atmosphere where “mistakes” can be turned into masterpieces. We will learn about the visual language of painting through color, composition and painting techniques. This workshop includes demonstrations as well as critiques and individual guidance.

I’ve been with Golden Artist Colors for 13 years as an educator and they will be supply some fluids, grounds and gels. Included is an informational booklet explaining all their products and uses.



Limited to 16 students

Cost: $300 Member, $350 Non-Member

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**Please be aware that this workshop may coincide with other activities.

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