2nd Annual Digital Member Exhibit

Rhodes to Withrow

You Look by Nancy Rhodes

Dem Bones by Melissa Rian

Concelament by Sidonie Roepke

Peace Offering by Diane Schmidt

Rawbone Red by Joy Schroeder

Aerial View by Susan Schumacher

Koi by Babette Shafton

Ghost Butterfly by Ada Shapiro

Drifter by Rhonda Sherwin

Asian Light II by L.E. (Ellie) Smith

Abstract Horse by Beverly Spisak

Winter Solstice by Carol Staub

Moonrise Over the Lake by Maxine Tatreau

Time Passages by Tommy Thompsom

Gravitional Depths by Liz Sorensen

Santa Fe Potions by Silvia Thornton

Paint On by Patsy Tidwell

Flowers for Vince by Patricia AnnTimbrook

Red Series Gentle Waterfalls No. 3 by Gwen Tooth

Untitled by Darlene Towson

Chains by Renate Trapkowski

Modern Primative by Frances Tyler

Spencer by Nancy Velts

Tsunami World by Ann Walker

Symphony by Carolyn Warmsun

Forest of the Red Shame by Rochelle Weidner

Life Among the Stars by Helen Wheatley

Solstice-Bed by Eve Withrow

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