Symposium Workshop and Demos

Note: Check your choices as some activities overlap

Ruth Armitage


9/24-27, 9am - 4pm

We cover both the elements of design and the 'mental game' in art-making. 

Using acrylic and collage, we will explore shape, line, color and texture to craft vibrant paintings that stir the emotions. 

You will learn organizing principles, painting tips and techniques for overcoming self-doubt and indecision.

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DEMONSTRATION – Marbled Texture - Transform paintings with pattern
Saturday 9/22, 9-11 am 

Rene Eisenbart has found ways to use marbling in her work while retaining her individual style. She will show you how she combines marbled texture with watercolor painting to create expressive watermedia works. Marbling can be applied under the painting, over the paint or applied later as collage. Then Rene will demonstrate how she creates her marbled patterns. She will introduce you to her process for painting over the marbled texture with watercolor and how she adds it later to balance a piece. You won’t want to miss this demonstration of marbling.

  • TRANSFORMATION — With a dip in the marbled bath, an ordinary painting becomes extraordinary. But not every painting lends itself to this practice. Rene will talk about her process for designing marbled paintings, showing you what works and what doesn't when marbling over paintings.
  • LAYERING PAINT AND PATTERN — Painting over marbling becomes evocative when you allow the imagery to blend with the pattern or fade and emerge from it. Working in transparent or opaque techniques with watercolor, gouache or acrylic, layers can be built up to blend subject with patterning. Marbling over gold gesso becomes a background for botanicals with an Asian flair.
  • HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH  — Learn how to tone down marbled patterning to create the best effect.
  • MARBLING IN COLLAGE — Create captivating art by adding pieces of semi-transparent marbled paper. Even a small amount of patterning can be transformative. See how Rene builds up layers of pattern and texture in a collage.
  • WATCH IT HAPPEN!  — Rene will set up to show you the marbling process on a small scale. Learn how favorite patterns are made.

Rene Eisenbart is a signature member of NWS and WFWS. She teaches marbling technique along with painting and collage. 
Her full-length instructional video, "Marbling Magic" is available for purchase:  Rene also leads painting workshops in exotic places.

Samyak Yamauchi

Demonstration: Acrylic Mixed Media
Saturday 9/22, 1-3pm

Sam plans to start by simultaneously working on three 21” x 24" canvas panels. 

Sam will be using mixed media (acrylic on canvas applied not only with a brush but also with her index finger).

She will talk about her process as she paints.

Sam will also share her initial fear of becoming a painter, how she overcame that fear, and what she does to keep having fun and moving forward as a painter and artist.  

Comments and questions are welcome throughout the session. 

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